shelby lane

In a collaboration with Man Architecture (Brooklyn, NY:, the Blue Truck studio injected a modern agenda into a subdued suburban residence.  The original sprawling layout was re-organized by a multivalent walnut Cabinet Core that is punctuated by nodes of provocative color and chimneys of light.  The Cabinet Core divides public and private, hides storage spaces and rooms (a vestibule, a pantry, a bathroom), and provides the backbone for a new integration of technology.  The extensive interior remodel also included a state-of-the-art kitchen, revised bathrooms and a re-imagined master suite.

Construction completed in 2012 by North South Construction.

* Winner of the 2014 AIA Santa Clara Valley Design Award Citation (Interior Architecture), Shelby Lane (Oct. 2014, link)

* Featured in the May/June issue of Design Bureau ("Cool to the Core").

G Todd Roberts, Peter Liang.