ellsworth street

In a neighborhood of quirky architectural diversity, the Blue Truck studio re-mastered a decrepit bungalow into a tightly-detailed modern tower that subtly references elements of the local vernacular.  The classic bay windows and siding of neighboring Victorians were re-interpreted as a floor-to-ceiling front window and square-grooved vertical siding.  The street level façade of nearby stucco houses was re-invented with a rough-sawn cedar siding hand-coopered to curve up under the soffit.  Venting panels disguised in the siding recreate the movement of traditional shutters.  Even Bernal Park itself rematerializes as the wind-seeded green roof and the green walls of jasmine in the rear yard.  The interior, however, is completely singular: muted hues, raw fir posts and black walnut floors are punctuated by a two-story shaft of light and a bathroom that cantilevers 10’ off the back of the house.

Construction by Blue Truck.

* Winner of the 2013 Excellence in Design Award (EDC Magazine, story)

* Featured in Dwell Magazine: "Praise the Roof" (Nov. 2013, story)

* Nominated for 2013 Room of the Year (California Home + Design Magazine, link, #81)

Photography:  Ken GutmakerEduardo Navarro, Peter Liang.